Why Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine is the practice of biochemistry and science brought down to the cellular level. Rather than learning a group of symptoms, diagnosing them, and then giving out a prescription, functional medicine addresses the root cause of the disease. Our whole goal is to get down to the underlying cause and address the disease at this level.. The body can heal itself and improve its wellness, if done correctly. It’s more of a healthcare model rather than a sickcare model.

In the conventional healthcare model, it  is taught that chronic disease is forever.  And that is true in the conventional model because the root cause is never addressed.  Pharmaceuticals are used to address the symptoms but not intervene at the level of the cellular cause of the issue. On the other hand, functional medicine reverses the root cause of the problem. 

When you aren’t fixing the root cause, it begins to cause other issues and spirals out of control. 

And what significance does 16 weeks have?

My passion is to help those who are in the same situation now that I used to be in. You don’t have to suffer like I did. There’s answers and ways to heal. 

I have created a 16 week program where we dig deep and address the root cause to quickly make improvements in how you feel.  Rather than separated consults with little support in between, I have created a program that provides you with support 24/7 for 16 weeks.   It is an in-depth program where you will begin to understand what you can do to reverse the process that has created disease.  You will  have access to me through a HIPPA compliant chat text feature and weekly group Q&A’s to get all your questions answered in a timely fashion with no further charges or office visits.  The program also provides you with a Private Clients only Facebook group where you can connect with and learn from others who are going through similar issues.  You will receive multiple in depth consultations with me and together we will create a doable personalized intervention plan together.  You are always supported and never left wondering what’s next. 

If you are ready to make a change and begin to heal, then don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary call with me using the link below. 

I also offer you a Free MSQ questionnaire which can be a useful tool in finding the root cause of your issues. Fill this out and have a free opportunity to review that with me. We will be able to evaluate where you’re at with your health and discuss ways to improve it.  Use the link below to schedule this free offering.  

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