90 Day Reset For Your Life

I wanted to talk to you about this 90 day reboot course that I’ve created. 

It provides you with many interventions that you can implement in your life to improve your health and wellness. Each week you’ll receive an educational video that will help you learn something that you can do. You’ll receive an assignment for that video so that you can apply it to your life. Each week you’ll be able to learn something new that can be applied to your life. 

At the end of the 90 days you will have made a lot of different changes that make the world of difference for your health. 

We’ll also be able to do a test that will tell us a wide variety of things so we can fully understand where you’re at with your health and what directions you need to take. As well, it will be able to determine what nutrients and minerals you need so an organic vegan farm-based individualized superfood  supplement can be created just for you and specific to your needs. And you’ll also be encouraged to complete a 5-day fasting kit to improve your detoxification, cellular and hormone health, and decrease weight.  You will receive a 30-minute consult with me to review the results of this lab test.  Depending on your results, I also gift you an additional protocol to add to this program in an area that is shown to need help on the test.  

This program is created in a way not to overwhelm you, but to educate you and provide you with the tools to live a healthier life. It shows you what is going on and how you can improve it.  

Here’s a BONUS…

The first 100 people who sign up for this course can use the coupon code – “300off” to get a $300 discount on this program.  Don’t worry if you are not one of the first 100 people because everyone who takes this course will receive a coupon for $1000 off my 16 week program when you complete this program successfully. 

Here’s the link to this course: bit.ly/90dayresetyourlife

Come join me on this path to wellness. You won’t regret it.

Take back your energy! Your weight! Your health! Your smile! 

p.s. Below I offer you a Free MSQ and then a free call to review this with me.  This questionnaire can be a useful tool in finding the root cause of your issues. Fill this out and review it with me. We will be able to evaluate where you’re at with your health and discuss ways to improve it.  Use the link below to schedule this free offering.  

How Healthy Are You MSQ + Discovery Call pkg –  bit.ly/HowHealthyAreYouActually

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