What Is Leaky Gut and How It Heavily Impacts Your Health

Have you heard terms like “microbiome”, “probiotics”, “prebiotics”, “dysbiosis”, and “leaky gut”? There’s a lot of terms like those that are thrown around in the media and medical field. 

I wanted to talk about it a little bit to help you understand how it can really impact your health and wellness.

Microbes are just little bugs, bacteria, fungus, and viruses that live on us and in us. Our human body is not just one person or organism.  It is actually a huge colony of symbiotic organisms working together. Our human health is impacted by the microbiome and vice versa. When our microbiome is balanced and healthy, we humans are healthier. When our microbiome becomes imbalanced, we get sick. 

Now, what is leaky gut syndrome? 

We have skin that lines our gut.  When they are healthy, these skin cells in our gut are stuck super tight together and they create a protective barrier where the only route to entering our body is through cellular channels. When we have dysbiosis, food allergies, or our microbiome is imbalanced, we develop inflammation in the gut. The inflammation in the skin cells of the gut cause separation between the cells.  This separation allows proteins across into our blood stream that are not supposed to be able to get across. Now we have proteins, which aren’t supposed to be there, leaking into our bodies. Our body’s see these foreign proteins and our immune system immediately reacts to them creating antibodies.  This process creates a great deal of inflammation and imbalance in our immune systems.   Over time it creates food allergies, season allergies, autoimmunity, and worse.  Our immune system is in overdrive trying to combat the constant assault from our leaky gut.  This will continue until the leaky gut is fixed.  

All of this contributes to seasonal allergies, autoimmunity, diabetes, stroke, among many other things. 

None of these disease states are normal but we’ve been made to believe that it is. 

If everything is healthy, you would never have to be on any medications of any sort. 

In functional medicine, this is where we start. We make sure to address the root cause of your health issue. In order for things to function properly, they must be in balance. 

If I’ve sparked your interest or any of this is impacting you, then I’d love to jump on a quick complimentary call to see where you’re at and what direction to take.  

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