How Light and Electricity Impact Our Health and Quality Of Sleep

I wanted to talk to you today about light. And about electricity. 

Why are those important to your health?

Think about sunlight and how it has different frequencies of light during the day. Depending on the time of day there’s more UV light than other times. This infrared light is part of what triggers our body’s circadian rhythm. We’ve gone from living outside, without clothes, and without shoes to living inside, fully clothed with shoes. Our circadian rhythm is created through our eyes with light, while we eat certain types of food, and our feet connected to the ground. All of us are electric. Our bodies are electric. We have an entire area of electricity around us.  These frequency signals are like computer code and tell our body what time of day and what time of year it is and thus, sets our circadian rhythm.  

How can you use this information to make yourself healthier? And, how do some of the choices you’re making actually make you unhealthy? 

A lot of you have heard of melatonin. Many of us take this to help us sleep. Melatonin is actually a hormone that’s produced by our body in response to our established circadian rhythm based on light and electricity. It greatly impacts our ability to sleep. 

Someone who does shift work can have a very difficult time with sleeping. Shift work greatly impacts your health, especially when you’re rotating back and forth between daytime and nighttime. Then you throw in bluelight with TV’s, Ipads, and phones, and our circadian rhythm is then telling us to wake up, even if it’s completely dark out. 

If you have any issues with sleep (a very big problem that many of us have), I want to help you. There’s many things that go into sleeping: hormones, vitamin D levels, vitamin levels in general, detoxification, stress, hormones, and so much more. If you’re able to impact your circadian rhythm in a positive way, you can significantly improve your sleep and rest time. 

If I’ve sparked your interest or any of this is impacting you, then I’d love to jump on a quick complimentary call to see where you’re at and what direction to take.  

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