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Personalized Regenerative Epigenetic Nutrition

“Let your food be your medicine” ~ Otto Carqué in The Key to Rational Dietetics Published 1926

Do You Struggle with Your Health?

Are you struggling with energy or pain? Low energy? Sleep issues? Brain fog? Are you on the run and finding it difficult to get healthy home cooked meals on the table 3 times a day? Do you take $300 + worth of supplements every month that are supposed to make you feel better but do not really seem to do the trick? Are you a “regular” at a drive through of any kind? Do you wish you were the person who jumps out of bed before your alarm excited to start your day full of energy and enthusiasm? If you answered yes to any of these questions then keep reading! This could be your answer.

Many of us struggle with getting the nutrition our bodies need. Believe it or not, this includes star athletes and those who are preparing whole food healthy meals 3 times a day! There are many contributing factors to this truth. Ultimately, it comes down to epigenetics.

What is Epigenetics?

What is epigenetics? And how can it help you? Epigenetics is the science that studies how our genes interact and respond to our environment and lifestyle choices. It is used to analyze a broad range of chronic diseases that are at an all time high–diseases like Type II diabetes, obesity, heart disease, chronic inflammation, neurocognitive disorders autoimmunity, and more. Epigenetics explores how our nutrition, diet, and lifestyle can reverse or change the expression of those genes associated with chronic illness.

More and more science is realizing the critical connection between our lifestyle choices and our health. One of the most important lifestyle choices is nutrition. You would not put mud into the gas tank of a Ferrari because it would not have the type of chemical energy it needs to run as it should. Why do that to your body then? Moreover, why not put a custom created fuel into the engine specifically designed for that car on that day for that terrain! That is the difference with customized nutrition.

Our bodies are no different than that dream car. We now can use this epigenetic biomarker profile testing to pinpoint which of our genes are being effected and by what lifestyle and nutritive deficits. Utilizing this detailed information, our team creates a personalized regenerative nutrition program specifically tailored to your genes and your epigenetic gene expression to maximize how your Ferrari runs! Additionally, the EBP test flags other lifestyle issues that need to be addressed to maximize your unique body’s health. You can use this information to adjust your lifestyle for your own benefits. Uniquely qualified to assist you, I offer consultations to help you navigate these test results. As therapeutic partners, we would create a personalized plan for you to guarantee success. Incredible results for each person!

Dear Dr.OilyMom

On the Wellness Journey, Where do I start?

So many choices on where to start

     The journey to health can be uncertain and confusing. When you are feeling ill all the time, it can be hard to know where to start. Should I start with exercise? Should I start with my food choices? Should I start with meditation? Should I do a cleanse and if so, which one?  Should I start with counseling for past emotional trauma? Should I start by quitting smoking? These are many questions I have heard over the years from patients who knew something needed to change but they were not sure where to start.

Getting through the Confusion

 So where should you start? The truth is you should start with the one thing you know you can accomplish. Keep it simple and take the first step.  Taking the first step and making it one with which you can succeed is half the battle. Making a commitment to a goal and sticking with it will then give you the confidence to take the next step.

Choices we make impact our future

Each choice either helps or hinders our wellness

Let’s face it. Getting to the place of unhealth and sickness takes years of poor choices. Sometimes these are choices we know are bad for us, like smoking or the fast food diet, and other times these are choices we didn’t even know are unhealthy, like the cleaners in our home, lighting choices, or even daily negative emotional choices. Our bodies are actually amazing adapters. It is usually not just one bad choice or exposure that causes illness, although obviously there are those cases. For most people illness begins when the body says “Enough!” and cannot cope with the cumulative damage done to it over time. The human body has many biochemical and physiological buffers that help us to keep going despite our many choices and the choices of others which effect us but are out of our control.  Sickness occurs when the body has had too many difficulties to overcome.

Our path defines where we are. But the good news is we can change our path at any time.

To put it more simply, we got where we are by the path we took. And often just choosing to change direction starts us down the path to renewed health and wellness. But where to start? What is the fastest path to wellness?  What is a do-able path? Realizing that these may or may not be the same in the beginning. This is where I come in.

Collaboration with Expertise

Through a thorough history and an in depth conversation with you, we become collaborators in your wellness path. My knowledge as an experienced physician and a Lifestyle Medicine practitioner is to discuss options and present the issues to you and together we devise a plan best suited to your success. I am not the physician you see once a year for your prescription refills and a physical. I would be your collaborator, your cheerleader, your confidant, and I provide the tools and guidance gained through years of experience and training in both standard and alternative medicine to help you change the direction and path you are on and to move towards health and wellness once again. Reach out to me if you are ready to make a change! I am ready to help.