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I Struggled With My Inflammatory Bowel Disease For Over 30 Years But Then Found Functional Medicine!

Do you have bowel symptoms that cause you discomfort? Symptoms like – abdominal pain, distention, bloating, gas, or those embarrassing gurgling sounds. 

Do you find these symptoms make it very difficult to walk into a room full of people?

Maybe you’re cancelling social engagements that you were really looking forward to, all because of your symptoms.

Maybe it affects your mood, your overall sense of well being. 

I’m here to tell you there’s hope!

Check out this short video to learn more…

I help people who have been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease who have not yet had surgery. I help by effectively getting to the root cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms. 

It may interest you to know that not everyone who is diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s disease has the same underlying cause. So, treating them all with the same medications make no sense. It’s important to get to the cause of the problem and intervene at that level. 

That’s what we do in functional medicine. We dig deep into your history, your physical exam, your biochemistry, and we make adjustments so your body can heal itself.

How do I know this can work for you? Because I did it for myself, and I’m doing it for my patients. I was diagnosed at 12, and was told I’d have this disease for life and have pain every day. 

I was told so many things that turned out not to be true. 

I suffered for over 30 years with this disease before I figured it out for myself. When I found functional medicine, everything clicked. 

I want that for you!

If this is you, please book a free call with me. Don’t suffer any longer. We can talk about how we can get you the results you’ve been looking for. Book here –  bit.ly/CallDrCampbell

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