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Gratitude creates joy in the chaos


Life during the COVID-19 pandemic

These are stressful times! The kids are all home and schooling from home in an online format. Most likely one or more parents is home under the quarantine mandate and not working. But the bills keep coming in. We are restricted from leaving our homes unless absolutely necessary. We have elderly parents we cannot visit who are now isolated and on their own and we worry about their welfare.

Financial strain, sudden home-schooling, couped up together in the house with no idea when this might end. Spring travel plans are on hold. And what about summer!? Summer normally spent as lazy days by the pool with the smell of sunscreen and burgers and the sounds of laughing and camaraderie may instead be spent carting kids to school. This decision rests in the hands of the school board and governance but leaves you reeling. Worse yet you may even be wondering if you will have enough toilette paper by the end of the day!

COVID-19 has been a scary and stressful event in our world’s and our nation’s history. It’s all you hear about on the radio and TV. Stress effects our health and in a time when we need to be boosting our immune systems, being stressed out is not ideal! So what can we do!??

Here are my top 5 tips on stress control


1.) Turn off the TV, Radio, social media–take a break from screens and devices. Taking time to be quiet is important for not only our stress levels but also for our brain. Our brains are not meant to be “on” all day taking in information. They are meant to take long periods of rest and quiet. I am not saying to be ignorant of what is happening, but choose an hour or less a day to use as your time to catch up on news and then shut everything off.

Take a Screen and Media Break!

Choose Gratitude!

Mindset determines your emotions

2.) Gratitude Journal–take time every evening to write in a gratitude journal what you are grateful for that day. On the tougher days, you will have to dig deep, but there is always something to be grateful for. Living in a mindet of gratitude rather than stress and worry will make all the difference in your health and mental wellbeing. It will help you find joy in the chaos.

Get Good Sleep

Sleep is important for all body systems

3.) Sleep-Getting high quality sleep is as important as getting enough sleep. You can help your body do this by avoiding screens, devices, and bright lights for 2 hours before bed.

Your last meal should be at least 2-3 hours before bed. Nighttime is your body’s time to detoxifying and recover which cannot occur if the body is too busy digesting and metabolizing food.

Having good sleep hygiene is super important. What does this mean? It means following natural circadian rhythms and creating a regular routine. Accordingly, you should awake and get up with the sunrise and wind down and head to bed an hour or two after sunset. You should have a regular before-bed routine that signals your body it is time to wind down for sleep. For instance, this routine could be washing your face, brushing your teeth, using an essential oil like Lavender or Cedarwood in your face cream, and writing in your gratitude journal in low light before lights out. It doesn’t matter what the routine, it just needs to work for you. Have fun with it and get creative. In the end, doing the same thing nightly will help signal your body to become sleepy.

Get Moving!

4.) Exercise-Moving your body is a natural response to the fight or flight response and is a great way to deal with anxiety. It has the added benefits of improved sleep, improved circulation and cardiovascular health, increased energy, and improved mood through natural endorphin release.

Go Back To Nature

5.) Get outside!-Get out in the fresh air and sunlight. Kick off your shoes and get your feet onto the earth! There are numerous benefits of sunlight, grounding, and fresh air documented in scientific literature. Try it and see how amazing you feel!

Kick off your shoes and frolic in the daisies

What Do I Do If These Top 5 Tips Are Not Enough?

Call Me!

It may be time to find out if something else is contributing to your difficult emotions. Let’s address the root cause of your symptoms together. For instance, utilizing natural interventions such as plant-based therapies, breath work, and emotional reset can be very powerful. Additionally, there are many plant based products that can help gently improve your mood and decrease anxiety levels.

At the top of my list of plant-based interventions is CBD from Hemp. Essential oils are another path many choose to try. There are also herbal teas and homeopathy supplements and many other options that can help. However, every person is different and what they respond to is different. This is often related to the root cause of their symptoms. Consequently, if you have tried all of the above methods, and you are still struggling, reach out to schedule a consult with me. I welcome the opportunity to create a personalized plan for you to improve your life!

Wife & Motherhood

Seaweed for breakfast!?

What is in this nutrient-dense delicious dish?

When I am looking to mix up my morning breakfast, I often will incorporate purple Dulse mixed with other seaweeds into a dish with eggs and sauteed veggies and avocado. In this particular breakfast, I sauteed green onions, baby Bella mushrooms, red and yellow bell peppers in coconut oil. I used two wild pastured duck eggs-yolk raw and whites scrambled in coconut oil. Organic BonCook spice trio of Rosemary, Basil, and Thyme is a delicious addition along with organic Curry and Turmeric. Finish this all off with 2 drops of Black Pepper Essential Oil.

Why do I add the Black Pepper essential oil? The Black Pepper essential oil contains piperine. Piperine inhibits our liver’s metabolism of the curcumin in tumeric and therefore, increases the overall levels of curcumin in our body and allows these levels to stay higher for longer. Piperine increases the absorption of curcumin by 2000%! And when you add oil to the mix, like the coconut oil I used to saute the veggies, also increases its absorption of curcumin because it is fat soluble. This meal is powerful and packed with nutrients not only because of the spice combination, but also because of the seaweed! Why eat Purple Dulse seaweed?

Gorgeous in color, Dulse is considered a Red seaweed.

Purple Dulse Seaweed Health Benefits

How Dulse makes these minerals available

Aside from the gorgeous color of purple dulse, what makes it a powerhouse food? During their unique growth process, aquatic plants absorb mineral-rich seawater and convert it into bio-available natural, organic minerals. This process is called biological transmutation. These newly created minerals become part of the plant’s cell structure and can now be assimilated and used by your body. Most minerals are extremely difficult, if not impossible to absorb without the help of plants. This is simply because they are rocks and metals. Using your food to consume these minerals is much more effective than in supplement form. No matter how many milligrams are listed on the supplement bottle, eating them in the rock or mineral state will not allow them to absorb into your body. They are 99% non-digestible.

In which minerals is Dulse rich?

Some aquatic plants have a higher efficiency of absorption of minerals as demonstrated by laboratory research. Purple Dulse seaweed has the highest concentration of digestible minerals anywhere. The top minerals in purple dulse include calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, iron, iodine, copper, chromium and zinc. Wow! I know! This is incredible and they are all made bioavailable by this beautiful sea plant.

What do each of these minerals do for our body’s?

The calcium in purple dulse builds and maintains healthy bones and teeth. It helps with blood clotting, heart beat regulation and the release of neurotransmitters.

Potassium and sodium are two more minerals in purple dulse which are part of a complex mineral salt system known as electrolytes. Electrolytes are key to controlling blood pressure as well as the pressure of every other fluid in your body. Purple dulse also contains magnesium, whose most important role is in energy production in your most vital organs such as the heart, kidney, liver and brain. Also present in dulse is phosphorus which combines with calcium in bone to give them their hardness. Phosphorus is also required for proper metabolism, which turns food into energy.

Purple dulse contains more iron than beef. Iron is a necessary building block of hemoglobin which is responsible for transporting oxygen to your cells. Iron also supports red blood cell formation. It is essential to our metabolism and energy creation.

Necessary for thyroid function, Iodine is another nutrient in Purple Dulse. It regulates how proteins, fats and carbohydrates are used as well as how energy is created in our cells.

Manganese is an essential mineral involved in many enzyme systems, which control blood sugar, use of energy and the production of thyroid hormones. It is also found in this amazing seaweed!

Copper is a trace mineral found in seaweed. It is crucial in the formation of the brain and the nervous system and also assists in the creation of nervous system chemical messengers. Chromium increases the power of insulin. This affects how carbohydrates, fats and proteins are metabolized and how blood sugar is controlled.

Lastly, zinc is required for our sense of smell and taste, and is also needed for our body’s immune system to work properly to defend us from viruses and other illnesses. Zinc is yet one more trace mineral found in Purple Dulse.

Rich in Vitamins as well-time to make the decision to try it!

Have you decided Dulse is a powerhouse of nutrients? Are you ready to try it? If you are not yet convinced, let me tell you Dulse is also a wonderful source of Vitamins A, C, E, and B. Dulse is a red seaweed. If you want the maximum nutrient value combine brown, red, and green seaweeds together.