Oola Diffuser Necklace


This necklace showcases the tree of life with the Oola principals and the 7 “F”s of Oola written into the branches of the tree.  The roots show the words balance.  Our roots and being grounded helps the tree of life balance just as it does us.  The trunk of the tree shows the word grow, because this is where the deep growth of the tree occurs just as it must in us if we are to grow.  In order to live an Oola life we must be balanced and growing in all 7 areas of life: Friends, Faith, Fun, Family, Field, Fitness, and Finance.  The colors of the stones around the outside of this pendant reflect the colors assigned to the 7 Fs of Oola as well as the corresponding essential oils that have been designed to help a person achieve an Oola life.  This necklace makes a wonderful gift!  If you really want to make it special, pair it with the Oola book and the Oola Infused 7 kit.  You may even gift this package bundle as an Oola business Starter kit with a Young Living business.  All of these options are available exclusively in my Shoppe.  #LiveOola



The design of this diffuser necklace reflects the Strength of Balance and the Beauty of Growth in the 7 key areas of life—friends, family, faith, finance, field, fitness, and fun. You can now wear your Oola Blend and have it diffusing around your neck all day long through this gorgeous and unique necklace!  Designed by Dr.OilyMom.  This beautiful necklace is priced at $35.95.  For those of you who are interested in a bulk purchase, at this time you can buy 10 for $300.

This necklace will be a powerful and beautiful tool in your Oola arsenal!

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