Foods You Should Eliminate with Autoimmune Protocol

I wanted to talk to you a little about some of the foods we eliminate with autoimmune protocol reset. 

But first we have to talk about autoimmunity and what it is.

Autoimmunity is when our immune system actually begins to attack our own tissue. We all know that our immune system is there to protect us from outside invaders, whether that’s a virus, bacteria, mold, or something else. 75% of our immune system is in our gastrointestinal system. We may create inflammation  due to  things we eat, breathe in, rub into our skin, etc. Oftentimes the issue begins in the gut, causing a leaky gut. 

If we can decrease the inflammatory foods we consume and allow time for our gut to heal and improve its function, then we are also impacting our immune system. Anytime our gut is functioning better our immune system is functioning better. As you get healthier you realize how sick you really were. 

What we’re doing with the autoimmune protocol is we’re reducing the inflammatory (or potentially inflammatory) foods in our diet for a short period of time. The diets are not meant to be forever, but rather gives the gastrointestinal system time to heal. 

After we’ve completely healed the gut we can begin to add one back in at a time. When we heal the gut it can then begin to handle some of these foods. 

We’re all human and we make little mistakes with our diet, body, and wellness. The things that we do 80-85% of the time are going to be the things that really change our lives. The better we can do everyday the better we’re going to feel. 

Every few months I put together a 21 Day Autoimmune Reset to help people like you. If you’re experiencing symptoms and are completely frustrated, joining us with the reset will do wonders for you. You know you’re feeling inflamed, having joint pain, amongst many other things. You know you’ve had enough and need some help. We’re here for you. 

Reach out to me so you can join us for the next 21 Day Reset. 

Here’s a testimonial from one of our participants in the last 21 Day Reset:

“My testimony to the benefits of changing my food intake thru this reset challenge:

Hello all!  In December I signed up and participated in this 21day autoimmune reset challenge and dramatically changed how I consumed food and focused on nutrition. I followed the meal plans, cut out sugar, gluten, dairy and nightshade veggies. Over the course of the 21days my colitis symptoms lessened exponentially-joint swelling resolved completely and I lost 14lbs. I felt so good by the end of the 21days I decided to continue on this diet regimen. I still avoid dairy and sugar. The only sugar I consume is from fresh whole fruits with an occasional pure maple syrup or raw honey in a recipe. I am also still gluten free. I’ve since reintroduced some nuts and an occasional egg.  I also avoid nightshade veggies for the most part. Due to this change in my nutritional intake, I sleep better at night and continue to remain pain free from joint swelling.  I am also able to control, almost fully, the symptoms I suffer from colitis. Thank you Dr. Christine and Danielle for putting this program together.  “

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