Evolving As Humans With The Right Nutrition And Lifestyle

Have you ever thought about the similarities between how the human body and a computer works?

When a computer is asked to do something it’s written in code. That code allows the computer to know how to react to the environment that it’s in, what it should be doing, and what tasks to complete. 

Our human body is very similar to this. Our code comes in in the form of the food that we eat and the environment that we’re in, our light sources and the exposure to light. These are sources of information which together tell our bodies what they need to do next. 

I want to specifically talk about nutrition and food as code. As we evolved as humans, we evolved outside. How we evolved is how we became our best selves. The food, environment, light, and all of our surroundings told our bodies where they were. 

If you didn’t have grocery stores, delivery services, and everything else that we have nowadays, what would we be eating? We wouldn’t be eating bananas where I live in Michigan, that’s for sure. 

So with our environment, it can confuse our bodies depending on what we’re eating if we are not eating food that matches our environment.  When we confuse our body’s computer coded input (food and light) we create a mismatch of information for our mitochondria to try to resolve.  This often creates mitochondrial dysfunction.

When our mitochondria are working well then we have more cellular energy and vitality. When they’re burdened and not working well, that’s when you have disease. Because of this, it’s very important to be mindful of what you’re eating, and during what times of the day and year. We’re using our code and the way we evolved to adjust through our lifestyle. The same things goes for when we sleep and how much light we’re taking in. 

We all know that when we give our body’s the right things, we’re healthier, and when we don’t we’re less healthy. But when we’re sick we don’t think so much about how we can lessen our sickness. How can you improve the symptoms that you have when you’re sick? 

When we make bad choices we progress closer and closer to illness. So shouldn’t it be the same for when we are making good choices?  Shouldn’t this help us progress closer to being healthy? YES, ABSOLUTELY! 

It makes sense, and it works. It’s part of the process I use with functional medicine. 

I want to help you make those good choices and live healthy again. 

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