Do We Need Supplements? Yes or No?

Let’s talk about supplements.

So many people come to me asking,” What supplements should I be taking?”   “Do I really need supplements?”  “Is the diet I am eating healthy enough?”  These questions seem to come up everyday.  Invariably they ask, what specific company do I recommend for supplements and so much more….

Usually my answer is pretty simple…

But first, why do you need to take supplements?

Well simply put, many of us are nutrient deficient and without these nutrients our cells cannot work the way they should.  There are many reasons for this.  Some of the issue is with the way food is grown and some is the way we consume our foods.  Really our nutrient needs come down to what goes in, whether it is usable, and what goes out.  Are we getting the nutrients into our bodies we need? Is the food raw or processed?  If it is raw how is it grown?  If it is processed, is it chemical free and bioavailable?  And the last major issue is what is our body using up and why?  Right now, we live in a very toxic world. Our produce and meat products are not what they used to be. Pesticides have reduced the amount of nutrients that are available in the soil itself, as well as in the plants. Foods that used to be very nutrient dense are no longer. It is these essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, that are what fuel us and make our cells work correctly providing us with cellular energy-hopefully enough energy to get through our day.

One of the ways to help get around the issue of pesticides and the nutrients these chemicals suck out of our produce, is to eat organic. Organic products are better for you and have not been grown using harmful pesticides or herbicides.  However, although organic is great, produce is still not what it used to be when we were hunters and gatherers eating wild produce.  As a result of all of this we are lacking many of the nutrients that we need.

So yes, most of us do need to supplement.  But each person should supplement what they need, not what we guess everyone needs. And supplementing with real food is the best way to go.  So when I recommend a supplement I recommend one that is based on epigenetic testing and created from organic foods.  The supplement is personalized to your test results and is made just for you.  It is not guesswork.  It is personalized for your genetics, your body, and your needs as created by the environment your body lives in!  

I believe in personalized medicine and I believe in science. With supplements, you should only take what you are not getting enough of in your diet.  And it is best if your supplement is actually organic food.  As stressors and life change over time, so do the vitamin and mineral needs of your body.  Therefore, so should your supplement change over time depending what your body needs.  The best part is the company I recommend is a reasonable monthly cost and many of my patient’s have saved hundreds of dollars by stopping the guesswork and getting it right.  Get what you REALLY need not what we think you might need.  Save money $$$$$!!!!! Don’t guess.  Use science along with healthy eating and living to change your health, your energy levels, and your life.  

If this is something that interests you and you’ve found yourself asking these questions about supplements and whether to take them, then jump on a quick complimentary call with me to see where you’re at and what direction to take with them.   If you are not ready to consult with me but want to try this on your own, be my guest.  I am happy to offer an informational DIY 90 day reset using this supplement and a few other interventions that many of my clients have successfully used to improve their health, productivity, mobility, and more.  I even have a 30day reset for those of you who are not willing to commit 90 days but want to try it.  

If you would like a much more personalized or in depth intervention with me, I offer you a Free MSQ and then a free call to review this with me.  This questionnaire can be a useful tool in finding the root cause of your issues. Fill this out and review it with me. We will be able to evaluate where you’re at with your health and discuss ways to improve it.  Use the link below to schedule this free offering.  

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